I always struggle with the task of trying to tell others about myself so I will keep this short and sweet. Most importantly, I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend and lastly, a Photographer. I am a Gator fan and University of Florida graduate. It completely fills my heart to help others and to think that maybe, just maybe, my one small act of kindness has made this world a better place. I love to decorate my house for every holiday and try to cook for my family most nights. My three children keep me very busy and often remind me of what is important in life and what legacy I will leave behind. I wear my heart on my sleeve and try to see the good in everything and everyone. I love my job (or should I say, "my passion") and spending time with your family and little ones. It is so very important to me that your time with me is a fun experience and one that you will return for again and again. I feel my photography should capture true and candid moments and I often wonder why anyone would want anything else. As I get older and my children get older, I notice that time is measured by these fleeting moments with our children. My vision for all my families is to display their family art, their story at that moment in time, in their homes so they may smile each and every time they catch sight of it. I hope that you will share my vision, continue to follow my work and most importantly cherish every moment we capture together for years to come....

Photos by my beautiful and talented friend, Rebecca Koegel of Rebecca Jill Photography