Monthly Archives: April 2012

Kissed by an Angel

It is going to be really hard to convince me that having another is not in my future after holding and photographing all these sweet babies. I have two more this week and thank goodness cause I really need my fix. This little cuteness had little soft angel kisses on both eyelids that made me melt. As I was editing, my son walked in and said “Awwwww…mommy she is so cute! Can we buy her?” Ha! I love how they think!

Welcome little one!

Well we thought this little one was going to stay awake on us but she was good and sleepy most of our time together. I love that we were able to capture mom, dad & dog all together and a few of those sweet smiles…

More Sweetness

Could it get any better? Another squishy, yummy baby girl belonging to another amazing nurse from Winnie Palmer Hospital. Did I mention how wonderful and kind these moms are? I am so very lucky! Enjoy…